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 Chair - Dave F.
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About 50 - 60 people attended the BTG committee meeting and I want to thank all who did attend. My contact list expanded by 20 new volunteers which is a great thing, just about the whole state is now covered.
There was discussion about some of the districts not having a treatment center or jail. There are still opportunities at outpatient counseling or maybe just dropping literature off at visitor centers or retirement homes.

For the districts that do have treatment centers there has been a lot of activity, a lot of it I don't hear about until later. At first I had to wonder what was wrong, now I realize this is the sign of a healthy committee. I really do not have to know everything. I am truly grateful for the committee members that do this work. Every now and then I get an email or a call, probably just to make me think I am relevant.

What I will be doing is updating my contact list with the new names and numbers and this list will be distributed to all of the district BTG chairs.
I have heard this weekend that there are a couple of workshops being discussed and this is a great way to expand all of the committees and maybe we can encourage the spark of enthusiasm of a newcomer to service work. The great thing is that we have a fund that can be drawn from to finance these workshops and I believe this alone should encourage districts to hold a workshop. I know service work has greatly enhanced my sobriety and I love the opportunity to pass it along.

Another idea I have been thinking about is to have an email forum available to all BTG committee members. This would allow us to stay in contact between assemblies. I mentioned this back in September but I thought it would be best to wait for the updated website, now I think we can progress with this idea. I will be in contact with everybody in the committee to see who wants to be included in this forum.
Thank you all for this opportunity to serve!


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